The Inspiration

This model of glasses-type “acetate” is inspired by the mythological tale of Argus and Io, which deals with the theme of the “power of the gaze “alert. Argus Panoptes (the all-seeing), son of Aristore, was in fact a giant with a hundred eyes, placed to guard the beautiful daughter of the river god Inachus and transformed by Zeus in a white heifer because of a spell.

It was said, that Zeus had an affair with Io hiding her in a golden cloud so unleashing the wrath of his wife, who to avoid a repeat of the crime asked him for the noble Heifer as a gift.

The Realization

Observing frontally the eyewear it stands out in the first end pieces, tracing the shape of two pairs of eyes with four diamonds set inside. According to the myth, in fact, the giant rested closing in turn only two eyes at a time, so that nothing could escape his attention. Trims
embellished with diamonds, set with the technique of micro-pave have a soft and sensuous morphology that echoes the symbolism of the eye.
The iris is composed of an oval cut stone that is alternated using sapphires, rubies, emeralds and diamonds in the variations.


Many were in fact the colors of the incredible eyes of Argus, which were transformed by the compassion of Era into gems and placed on the tail of the peacock (animal sacred to her that maintains the memory of Argus connected to immortality).

Valuable is the working design of the eyewear gallery that brings elegance and lightness and represents on the two sides the M brand and the dolphin (symbol of regeneration).

Handcrafted galsses, made with love

Model ARGO

4 Versions


Taglio Brillante: 3,70 ct.

Brilliant cut diamonds: 3,70 ct.

  • Oval cut Diamonds: 1,50 ct.
  • Oval cut Sapphires: 2,00 ct.
  • Oval cut Emeralds: 1,40 ct.
  • Oval cut Rubies: 2,30 ct.


Gold 18 Kt: 48 gr.

  • White
  • Yellow
  • Rose


  • Lenses Divel o Zeiss (Certificate)
  • Ceramic
  • Cellulose Acetate

* Colors, acetates and lenses may vary without notice. The weight of Precious Gemstones and gold are indicative and may vary

Artistic Series

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