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Metamorfosi Collection

The new vision of luxury jewelery

The “Metamorfosi Collection” is the result of a revolutionary process in the world of luxury jewel, which began in 2013 after the insights of the great goldsmith artist Marco Mancini, having a heartfelt support and collaboration from his team.

The pieces of this collection are not only simple jewelry or accessories, but represent real masterpieces; each one encloses the feelings and thoughts of the artist.

The “Metamorfosi Collection” includes four main models: NAVALIA, POSEIDONE, MEDUSA and ARGO, each in a limited edition of 30 pieces.

The common theme of each model is the enchantment and mystery of the ancient “Greek mythology” that, after thousands of years, can still fascinate and amaze millions and millions of people.

The name of Each Royal Eyewear in fact, derives from the divinities or mythological creatures to whom it has been dedicated, while the incredibly detailed and finished symbols and micro-sculptures help narrate each divinity’s life story.

The Metamorfosi Collection represents a category of super-luxury products that can captivate, even the most demanding people who are always looking for exclusivity.


Sapphires, rubies and emeralds flank, in this setting, the beauty of diamonds. Argo is a surprising model, able to involve its audience, in one of the most exciting stories of ancient mythology.

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