The Inspiration

This model of glasses is “glasant” and introduces the figure of Medusa with the theme of “the power of the gaze” that seduces and turns into stone. These glasses tells the story of the Medusa, the daughter of Forcide and Ceto, a girl with fl owing blond hair who was transformed, by athena’s anger, into a monster from the hair of snakes.

A fi rst reference to Medusa is the lozenge (or diamond) symbol of feminine energy, that enriches the nose of the glasses, with the sparkle of diamonds.

The Realization

In the rear part of the nose, between the lens and the screws, a perforated plate with three M’s is situated, its curves invoke the sinuous movement of a snake. on the trims are three diamonds (shape) developed threedimensionally inside, covered by 72 fl aring diamonds, which are arranged with a succession of three planes, that run towards the center. Here appears another tiny diamond(shape), containing the M enamel around, that binds the name of the Gorgon to that brand.

The shape of the eyewear’s temples remember the sword of the noble weapon symbolizing the triumph of good, used by Perseus, the nephew of King Acrisius of Argos, to cut off the head of Medusa.

The beautiful diamonds (shape) too worth attention, they are a metaphor of the shield and the mirror, remembering the adventure of the hero, who defeated the tremendous Gorgon looking through the shiny shield given to him by Athena.

The micro sculpture of the head of Medusa, always an emblem of repulsion and fascination, which is kept in at the back of the gallery of the temple as well as Perseus reposed it in his magic bag (kibisis). Here it assumes a purpose of a function of talisman that protects whoever brings it.

On the back of the temple is engraved in Greek the following words: “Gorgon scary” – “Medusa one who dominates ‘’. Alongside these appeared for the first time the new company logo, with M rotated 90° to the right and mirrored.

Handcrafted galsses, made with love


3 Versions


Brillant cut diamonds: 2,60 ct.


Gold 18 Kt: 36 gr.

  • White
  • Yellow
  • Rose


  • Lens Divel o Zeiss (Certificate)
  • Enamel
  • Cellulose Acetate

* Colors, acetates and lenses may vary without notice. The weight of Precious Gemstones and gold are indicative and may vary.


Artistic Series

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