The Inspiration

This model is dedicated to the Goddess Artemis, one of the twelve great divinities of the ancient Greece. She is the daughter of Zeus and Leto, born on the Island of Delo, considered to be the twin sister of Apollo.
If Apollo is considered to be the God of the Sun, then Artemis is the Goddess of the Moon.
At the same time, she is also the Goddess of Hunting and the protector of the wild animals. There are many legends depicting Her armed with a bow and arrows, followed by her nymphs, running up the hills and meadows in search of game, not sparing the brave ones who dare to challenge her.

The Realization

This model of sunglasses of acetate type is presented in two different versions: “Artemide M gold” and “Artemide M diamonds”.
The difference comes when you take a closer look at the double-M logo located on the frames’ side: in “Artemide M gold” is made of solid 18 kt gold, while in “Artemide M diamonds”, the diamonds enrich the solid 18 kt gold settings.
The collection comes in a range of 7 different colors where each one has a limited number of 199 pieces.

The typical “cat eye” shape of these sunglasses is not casual but is inspired by the strong bond the goddess had with the cats, animals sacred to her. In fact, among her extraordinary powers, we can also find the ability to turn into a cat.

Handcrafted galsses, made with love


2 Versions

  • M Gold
  • M Diamonds

7 Colors for versions

  • Equus
  • Arantius
  • Aqua
  • Aurora
  • Borealis
  • Purpura
  • Mel


Serie M Diamonds: 2.20 ct.


Gold 18 Kt: 30 gr.


  • Lens Divel o Zeiss (Certificate)
  • Cellulose Acetate

* Colors, acetates and lenses may vary without notice. The weight of diamonds and gold are indicative and may vary.


Designer Series

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