The Inspiration

Nike, the triumphant victory and inseparable companion of Athena, is represented as a winged Goddess, capable of moving fast. She is the personification of Victory, not exclusively the one in the war, but also in athletic competitions or simply in the daily life challenges.

Just as the Goddess accompanied the victories of the greatest people in our history, this extraordinary Eyewear Jewel, inspired by Her, will accompany the milestone accomplishments of the most distinguished men and women of Our time.

The Realization

This new collection brings the “Royal Eyewear” closer to the male audience for the first time. Even though the “Nike” series is to be considered unisex, it has been created giving priority to the taste and the needs of the nowadays Gentleman.
In order to mark the exclusivity deserved, these sunglasses come in 7 different shades, each proposed in a limited edition of 99 pieces. The extra finely hand crafted ceramic inserts, elegantly and discreetly embellish the gold trim and fits perfectly in the parts of cellulose acetate.

Handcrafted galsses, made with love

Model NIKE

7 Versions

  • Lessinia
  • Bufalo
  • Onice
  • Alabastro
  • Lapis
  • Avorio
  • Arco Iris


Diamonds: 0,07 ct


Gold 18 Kt: 30 gr.


  • Lenses Divel o Zeiss (Certificate)
  • Ceramic
  • Cellulose Acetate

* * Colors, acetates and lenses may vary without notice. The weight of diamonds and gold are indicative and may vary.


Designer Series

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